Vintage, Chic, and Beautiful: Asheville’s Latest Real Estate Trend

trendy living room with blue walls and white couchOld is new, and vintage is “in.”

Dated properties are making a comeback in Asheville, where older homes are being transformed into modern marvels while keeping the same character and appeal.

Asheville’s “Hot” Real Estate is Cool and Chic

This refreshing mountain city is known for its trendy shops and craft breweries, and it’s no surprise that its homes have taken on the same chic vibe. Bungalows, Arts & Crafts homes, and houses at the heart of Asheville are hot items on the real estate market, where every inch of space exceeds the property’s potential and revitalizes the historic home’s look.

In fact, HGTV featured a 1920’s bungalow in Asheville as its 2015 Urban Oasis dream home winner, noting the home’s forward-thinking kitchen space, crisp blue-themed living room and purple-themed guest suite, and trendy details everywhere you look. Even on a national scale, Asheville is known for its intriguing homes.

Popular Home Styles Today

Asheville’s real estate market is filled with properties like this trendy bungalow, and we’re here to give you a brief introduction to the city’s variety of real estate options.

Arts & Crafts Homes: Named for the 1800s-era movement, Arts & Crafts-style (or Craftsman style) homes are bungalows and houses typically made from wood or stone, include a fireplace and exposed beams, and have a wide triangular-shaped roof.

Green-Built Homes: These properties have been constructed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, with energy-efficient appliances and even organic gardens.

Contemporary Homes: Like the homes of tomorrow, contemporary home styles look unique with their often asymmetrical exterior, sustainable construction, and flexible floor plans to change with the times.

All the Excitement is in West Asheville

Like HGTV’s recent dream home — small spaces, historic foundations, and charm speaking out of every square inch — today’s hottest homes are in West Asheville. This area is known for its eclectic melting pot of bistros and breweries just outside of Downtown Asheville, and is a truly local experience.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find just as an intriguing mix of real estate options: eco-friendly new construction, homes designed for tomorrow, and, of course, vintage bungalows with modern upgrades.

You can view West Asheville’s latest listings to find your own dream home. Or, if you’re looking to create your own dream home in Asheville, consider these cozy properties for sale, ranging from $150,000 to $175,000 for 800- to 2200-square-foot homes.

Find Your Dream Home in Asheville

Discover Asheville’s inviting community and consider this spectacular city as your new home. Have you found the property you would like to transform for yourself or just enjoy as it is? Search through all of Asheville’s beautiful homes for sale to find your real estate dream come true, and contact us today at or 828-817-9138 to schedule a showing.

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