Archives: March 2016

Why do our clients need us?

I spent about an hour and a half last week trying to explain to a very intelligent lady who knows nothing about real estate why she needs to have a good, experienced realtor to advise and help sell her house.  She assumes, and she is probably right, that she’s likely to get some quick, good […]

7 Best Strategies for House Hunting

Spring is almost here! The warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and longer days are perfect for viewing homes in person, and it’s no wonder that the spring season is a popular time for home buyers to start looking at homes and neighborhoods. But before you start driving around and visiting open houses, you should follow these important house hunting […]

Is it a river, a stream or a creek?

What’s the difference between a river, a stream and a creek? Actually, the U.S. Geological Survey people say there are “no official definitions for generic terms applied to geographic features, so people call ‘em like they see ‘em.  Typically rivers are largest, streams mid-size, creeks are the smallest.  Our BEAUTIFUL mountain creeks and waterfalls in […]

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

The month of March brings spring, and with spring comes bright budding flowers, longer days, warmer weather, and spring cleaning. There is no better way to shake off the dreariness of winter than a freshly cleaned home ready to welcome the season. Here are 10 easy ways you can clean your home for spring. 1. […]