Tryon vs. Asheville – Tryon Wins!

Saturday Night Lights at TIEC by photographer Erik Olsen

Saturday Night Lights at TIEC by photographer Erik Olsen

In the post bubble era, people looking to live or vacation somewhere beautiful, quiet and unspoiled are re-discovering the Tryon area in the Western North Carolina mountains.  We’ve still got fresh air, open spaces and real quality of life.  Located just to the south of Hendersonville, the Mayberry-like small towns of Saluda and Tryon have become the first peaceful country edge away from now  “metropolitain” Asheville and Hendersonville. These smaller mountain towns have been a well kept secret for over 100 years,  and are still quiet, affordable, charming, and green green green.   Asheville now has traffic jams and big city real estate prices.   A hip new condo on Main Street in Hendersonville costs $800,000!!!

In a 2015 NC State county to county comparison, the Polk County, NC (Tryon area) has a higher per capita Income, lower cost of living, and only one tenth of the population of Buncombe County NC (Asheville area).

Polk County also has a higher owner occupancy rate than Buncombe, lower cost of housing,  lower rent rates. and a lower poverty rate.

Polk County’s population in 2015 was only 20,300 residents.  The Polk County Community Foundation, a 41 year old local philanthropic institution, serves the area with an over $50 million endowment which funds educational, social, cultural arts and economic development initiatives in the area.  This is why Polk County has been able to create and sustain such a high level of educational programs and cultural arts for a town its size.  This past June, 10% of the Polk County High School graduating class was admitted to UNC – Chapel Hill.  An amazing feat for a rural county.

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Take note – Tryon is about to be a town people recognize as one of the best best places to move in the US.




About Lynne Perlmutter

Lynne practically grew up in Pisgah Forest, even though she was born and raised in Miami. She finally moved to NC full time with her young family so they could know that indescribable feeling you get sitting on a big rock in the middle of a gently rushing river in the deep woods. Little by little she worked her way back to the woods via Charlotte and towards Tryon thru Bright’s Creek in nearby Mill Spring. With Tryon Equestrian Center coming to town, she knew now was the time to start an office. She is Managing Broker of Cielo Real Estate in LOVELY downtown Tryon. Together with the rest of Cielo's founding brokers and agents, she is introducing a fresh, technologically savvy and world class marketing experience to this very beautiful, quiet corner of the world. Lynne was educated at the prestigious Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, Florida. She attended Vanderbilt University, University of Paris, Sorbonne, and graduated with a BA from The University of Florida. She began her career assistant producing TV commercials, then started the Financial Public Relations division of a boutique investment banking firm in Miami. In 1990, she co-founded Miami O Guia, the first glossy full sized up market guide to Miami, written in Portuguese, specifically targeted to the then surging influx of wealthy Brazilian visitors. In 2000, she started her career in real estate as a residential appraiser then as an agent at EWM Realty in Miami. Her family re-located to Charlotte in 2007, and during the market downturn she worked in residential sales, helping investors build rental portfolios. As the market started to recover, she became more interested in second home and vacation home properties in the western NC mountains. This niche market has proven to be a treasure trove of undervalued properties which have yet to recover to pre-bubble prices. Below market values, a temperate climate, dream location, a surge in the number of empty nesters and retires looking to make their next move, and the sudden global recognition from Tryon Equestrian Center, makes Tyron the place to be. Charities: Yeti Robotics, Jazz Arts Initiative, Bruce Irons Camp Fund, Habitat for Humanity - Charlotte, Eagles Nest Foundation, Shake-A-Leg Miami. Experience: Filmworks Miami, WLRN-TV - Miami Miami O-Guia, South Florid Appraisal Services, EWM Realtors - Miami, Helen Adams Realty-Charlotte, NC

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