Home Renovations that Can Help Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Looking for ways to lower your homeowner’s insurance? Making a few small changes around the home, or simply calling your insurance company to update them with new information or to inquire about home upgrades to reduce insurancediscounts they offer, can save you quite a bit of money on your homeowner’s policy. Here are some simple home improvements you can make to lower your insurance.

Update Your Wiring, Plumbing & More

Properly-installed new wiring can greatly reduce your risk of electrical fires commonly associated with old wiring. Old pipes and plumbing can put you at risk for leaks. Upgrading your chimney or foundation can lessen your risk for other leaks and damages. And insurance companies love decreased risk!

Upgrade Your Roof with Impact-Resistant Materials

Upgrading your roof has a few benefits. Not only can it get you more money when you sell your home, but the added protection against leaks and damages can reduce your homeowner’s insurance. Use high-class impact-resistant materials, and you might even qualify for a tax reduction.

Increase Your Security

Even something as simple as installing a dead-bolt looks good to your insurance company. Burglar alarms, alarms that ring directly to the police, and high-tech security systems are all big ways you can save.reduce insurance by installing sensors

Install Sensors

Fire alarms are a must, but did you know that there are new sensors that can help predict water or natural gas leaks? Sprinkler systems are another great way to lower your premium.

Modernize Your Heating

Modernizing your heating and insulation won’t just save you money on your monthly energy bill—it can help weather-proof and fire-proof your home! An auto-generator is another good way to keep your pipes from freezing in winter, even when the power goes out.

When Upgrading, Always Remember…

When performing home improvement projects, always make sure that anyone who works on your home is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and check to make sure your project is up to code.

Other Tips for Reducing Your Homeowner’s Insurance

save money on your homeowner's insuranceAny way you can show your insurance company that you are reducing liability, you are likely to get some kind of discount. This includes living in a gated community or a community with an active HOA and neighborhood watch. A location near a fire-department or police station can also be a gold star. Even being a non-smoker can lead to a discount.

Other possible ways to lower your premium include having a clean record (which could mean avoiding small claims), bundling your home and auto insurance together, paying annually instead of monthly, or even being retired and spending more time at home. You can always call your insurance company to learn more about ways that you can help lower your insurance.

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