Find Out Why NOW (Yes, February) is the Time to Buy a Home in Western North Carolina

Bright green leafy trees, colorful flowers in bloom, lots of charming houses popping up “for sale” signs all over town… It’s no mystery why spring and summer are historically the most popular times to buy and sell homes in Western North Carolina.

buying a home in winterBut in addition to all the fresh spring mountain air and wealth of great homes to pick from, there’s a big negative to shopping in spring. Namely, everybody else is doing it, too. Here’s why it’s better to buy a home in Western North Carolina in January or February, the winter months (because the weather is so nice here, even March could be too late!).

1. There’s Less Competition

Want a low-stress easy-sale home-buying process? Shop in the winter. Sure, there might not be quite as many homes to pick from, but there also aren’t many buyers to compete with. It might take you a little bit longer to find that perfect home, but when you do, your chances of being outbid are pretty low, and the chances of a seller accepting a lower offer are high.

In fact, according to a study by NerdWallet, winter months tend to see a larger discrepancy between the listing and sales price than do homes sold in spring or summer—which means sellers accept lower offers.

2. Sellers are Ready to Sell

Because there are fewer buyers, there are also fewer sellers listing their homes. But the sellers that do list are serious. They closed home salewant to sell, and fast. What does a willing seller mean for you? Fewer negotiations.

Unlike competitive spring sellers, winter sellers tend to be much more receptive to your first offer, which usually means a lower price for you, and will be more willing to fix or pay for any repairs or maintenance issues uncovered during the inspection.

3. Winter Home Prices Are Lower

Winter sellers are usually pretty serious about selling, and since they have fewer buyers out on the market, homes are priced to sell rather than compete. Typically, winter months like January and February see the lowest home prices.

4. Mortgage Rates Will Go Up

Last summer, mortgage rates were at historical lows. But in response to the election and predicted rising economy, they’ve started to climb, albeit slowly, and are expected to continuing rising throughout the year. That means that right now, they’re as low as they’re going to be in 2017.

5. You Get to Take Homes for a Cold-Weather Test DriveRS3311_iStock_000002650223Large-scr

Is it cold and drafty when you walk in? Dark and dreary? Or does the crackling fireplace keep the living room cozy despite its large sunny windows?

Buying a home in winter means you get to see it at its worst—and know before you buy just how it’ll hold up to Carolina’s winter weather.

6. Western North Carolina is Lovely in the Winter!

Forget the grey and cold of the cities. Winter in the rolling foothills of Western North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous! Not only beautiful western north carolina homedo we enjoy fairly mild winters (protected from the cold winter weather by the foothills), but we still enjoy all the benefits of true winters in mountain country—like snow skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, cozy afternoons by the fireplace, fun local events and festivities, and plenty of indoor action at our local breweries. And you’ll absolutely fall in love with those beautiful snow-capped mountain views!

Ready to Buy Your Home in Western North Carolina?

Come have some fun this winter! Escape to the mountains to breath in the fresh air, to get outside and play all day and spend warm nights curled by the fire. Winter is the time to buy your home, so you can enjoy four outstanding seasons of vacation play! Learn more about the communities of Western North Carolina, such as AshevilleTryon, Lake Lure, Hendersonville, and Saluda. Explore fun and exciting activities throughout the area, like visiting local wineries or exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just contact us to learn more or get started searching homes for sale today!

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