Tryon Fine Arts Center’s Executive Director Talks About Growing Up & Living in Tryon

tryon fine arts centerWe recently conducted an interview with Tryon local Marianne Carruth, the Executive Director of the Tryon Fine Arts Center. In case you didn’t know, the Tryon Fine Arts Center is one of the most prominent scenes of visual and performing arts in Tryon, home to a vibrant community of aspiring and renowned artists, beautiful galleries, talented performers, and plenty of workshops for all skills and interests. And Marianne is the woman who helps make it all happen.

We wanted a chance to get to know Marianne a little better so we could help express the true love, beauty, and adventure of life in Tryon… straight from the mouth of a local! Here’s what she has to say.

Born & Bred in the Tryon Foothills

Marianne grew up in Tryon in a house on Hogback Road built into the 20s or 30s as a vacation retreat. She recalls the beautiful stone hearth that took up one full wall of the living room—as well as the beautiful views of Tryon Peak from the downtown tryon restauranthouse’s location on a ridge off Piney Mountain.

Marianne would later move away from Tryon, only to return for a wedding, where she would meet her future husband (they’ve been married 34 years now), and decide to return to the area. After looking at properties for several years, they bought a 50s ranch house located along the Pacolet River that they’ve opened up and remodeled.

A Deep-Rooted Love of Tryon

Just what does Marianne love about Tryon? Specifically, the safety, the natural beauty, and all her nearby family, as well as its vibrant visual and performing arts scene. She describes the town as, “Electric, Equestrian, and Artsy, filled with interesting people who’ve lived interesting lives and like to do interesting things with their lives”, and we couldn’t find more perfect words to sum up the town.

catch a concert downtownSome of Marianne’s favorite things to do? Walking to events in town, enjoying a nice dinner out, relaxing and enjoying the river views at home.

Marianne’s Perfect Itinerary for You!

We asked Marianne to describe a perfect weekend in Tryon for visitors (and residents). Here’s what she said:

Day 1: Visit a gallery for an art opening or take a workshop. Take a walk through town and up Melrose Ave, then have dinner at one of the local restaurants and find some live music or a show at McGourty’s Tryon FAC, Tryon Little Theater, or Tryon Movie Theater.visit the wineries

Day 2: Start out with another art gallery tour or workshop, then head out through the Pacolet Valley and up to Pearson’s Falls. Hike along the River to the beautiful falls, then enjoy a country dinner at Caro-Mi Restaurant.

Day 3: Head out to the countryside to visit one of the vineyards, then take a walk (or a horseback ride) along one of the beautiful FENCE trail. Drive up to Wike Oak to catch the views off Sunset Rock, then return to town for a relaxing dinner.

Want to Know More About Tryon or Ready to Find Your Next Adventure?

As Marianne highlighted, Tryon is a pretty great town, filled with amazing things to see, do, and explore. If you’re ready to join in on the fun, then it’s time to contact us at Cielo Real Estate! We want to help you buy or rent your next Foothills vacation home. Still exploring the area? We can help with that too.

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