The USEA AEC Adequan Gold Cup Finals Come to Tryon Equestrian Center!

Horse Show jumping competitionLooking for a way to get involved with and enjoy the horse-loving and equestrian-riding community of Tryon, NC? How about attending one of the biggest competitions in the equestrian sport of Eventing—right here at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. That’s right; starting August 30 (this Labor Day Weekend), it’s the USEA AEC Adequan Gold Cup Finals!

What is Eventing?

For those who know know, Eventing is sort of an equestrian “triathalon” consisting of three separate events, each of which uniquely test the skills of rider and horse. First, Dressage is a display of elegance and precision through a planned course of commands and executions. Second, Cross Country tests the horse and rider’s adaptation over natural terrain and fixed dressage eventobstacles. And lastly, Show Jumping combines the accuracy and timing of jumping with the precision of a judged arena.

What is the USEA?

The USEA, or the United States Eventing Association is an organization that provides competitive riding events for all levels and skills. The organization works to promote the sport of Eventing through teacher and rider education, resources, and training, as well as through official certifications and professional organization.

What is the USEA AEC?

It’s the Annual Eventing Championship… at every level, from Beginner Novice to Advancedi n America.

And Finally, What is the AEC Adequan Gold Cup?

cross country horse ridingThe Gold Cup is the finals of the elite of Eventing. It features only Advanced level riders and horses who have placed in previous qualifying events.

Give Me All the Details!

From August 30 through September 3, the Adequan Gold Cup Finals will be underway! Eleven elite riders from Advanced and CIC3 divisions in Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Montana, and New York will compete across three events for a shot at one title.

All the Happenings of the Event

show jumping eventWednesday, August 30: Kick off the event with a Welcome Reception at Legends Club from 6pm to 7:30.

Thursday, August 31: The Adult Rider Party, open to USEA competitors and family members, launches at the Silo Bar. There’s also a Young Rider party for riders under 21.

Friday, September 1: Brooke USA “Shelter the Donkeys” Fundraiser. Learn more about Brooke USA, which provides resources and education for working with horses and donkeys in underdeveloped countries. The event features a themed cocktail and silent auction.

Friday, September 1: AEC Competitor Party. Competitors, family, and friends are welcomed for drinks and appetizers at the Special Events Tent from 6:30 to 9pm.

Friday, September 1: Gladiator Polo™ & Argentine Asado Buffet. Watch the equestrian community’s newest pro sport while enjoying a stupendous buffet.horses in tryon nc

Saturday, September 2: “SNL” Advanced Show Jumping Legends Club Buffet. Doors open at 6pm, and the final phase of the Eventing competition begins at 7:30.

Sunday, September 3: AEC Craft Beer Festival. What better way to finish off a great event than with a fun, entertaining, and delicious festival?

Ready to Come Join the Fun in Tryon?

Does this sound like the kind of event you’d love to be a part of? Then it’s time to come and join the Tryon community of Western North Carolina! Learn more about life in Western NC and Tryon, explore homes for rent to plan your vacation, or homes for sale to return time and again! Just contact Cielo Real Estate today.

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