Fall in Love with the Charming ARE Cabin

Vacation rentals are usually packed with amenities and boast incredible views, but do they all have a story to tell? ARE (Anne & Rodney Everett) Cabin not only is home to gorgeous views, rural charm, and top-notch amenities, but also features a lovely history that lends a heartwarming atmosphere that truly sets this home apart from the rest.

The Story

Almost 20 years ago, Anne and Rodney Everett were visiting Chimney Rock and exploring the natural beauty of the area. While adventuring through town, they stumbled upon a gorgeous, cozy, vintage-style cabin, which they instantly fell in love with.

Revisiting the area years later, the cabin that they were told “would never be for sale” was indeed just that! Quickly purchasing, the Everetts were able to finally own the home of their dreams, and are now happy to open this charming property up to others.

The Views

Reconnect with nature and disconnect with the stress of everyday life at ARE Cabin. Just a stone’s throw from town, this home is nestled in a wooded lot that seemingly transports you to a scenic paradise separated by time.

Enjoy waking up and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch, or on the back deck, listening to bird calls and watching the woodland creature scamper about. Truly, you’ll never feel more at peace than at this cabin.

The Location

Known for Chimney Rock State Park, this area just outside Asheville has an abundance of natural beauty that hundreds flock to see each yeah. Enjoy scenic hikes, close encounters with nature, and much more all in in this charming town.

Apart from it’s incredible outdoor recreation, Chimney Rock also features a tight-knit community with a thriving local business scene. Home to many restaurants, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and numerous celebrations, you’ll find entertainment here every day of the year.

Ready to See it For Yourself?

ARE Cabin is the perfect place for your next vacation with its incredible scenery, heartwarming backstory, and an unbeatable location! Don’t just take my word for it, see it for yourself—schedule a tour with me today!

Need more options? We have a plethora of homes available in Western Carolina. Give us a call today to start your search.

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